Saturday, September 7, 2013

Peace, not war, is needed in Syria: no one has the right to pretend to do "surgical operations", while killing people, then to cover it up and talk of collateral damage.

Ver blog en inglés, sobre crimen internacional contra el pueblo Sirio.

Sobre la guerra civil siria, en la que un gobierno represivo y facciones de oposición -varias de ellas apoyadas y financiadas por las potencias encubiertas por la OTAN- se pretende dar justificación de legitimidad, moral y democrática a un crimen que hemos ya visto en Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afganistán, Vietnam, y otros países del mundo.

La responsabilidad moral de los que lideran este crimen está, nuevamente, basada en mentiras y en intereses de poder y económicos que son inmorales.

Peace has always been the desire of the peoples. And it results from a massive participation: yours, mine and everyone else, against warmongers. Today, this is the case for Syria and the Middle East. The unilateral pretence of the US President is unacceptable. His associates are wrong and their acts, immoral.

The US are seeking the support of NATO, the same coalition that supported the Cold War “peaceful intervention” and any intervention that had been “necessary” for the empire and associates to subdue the world, as they did it in the Balkans Balkan countries (former Yugoslavia). If anybody has seen the conditions of the people from the Balkans, today -14 years latter- of that “pacific mission”, would know that living conditions in the region are pathetic. It permitted the destruction and degradation of the entire society.  Killings and Destruction were horrible but the NATO coalition powers pretend today, while hiding the facts, that they brought back “peace, stability and prosperity”. If possible, Iraq is still worse than Yugoslavia.

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