Saturday, August 16, 2014

Canada's government and key political leaders have not condemned the massacre. Canadians on the streets, organizations and social institutions denounce them.

Does Canada’s government support Palestinian children while under the bombs? Is this Canada’s traditional commitment to peace and reconciliation? (From a personal letter to editors and to Canada's government and leaders of Opposition and Liberal Party).

Are these the careful air strikes that are meant to to spare children and civilians?

Deepak Obhrai, Parliamentary Secretary, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, in the Editorial page of the Toronto Star Tue August 11, 2014: mentioned some irresponsible comments in relation to the massacre of civilians (almost 2000 people dead ) and children (464 death) and wounded (over 10.000) plus 500,000 refugees, which were designated UN shelters known to Israel but kept on shelling them.

“Dozen of bodies were recovered from the rubble
during the truce in Gaza” 
these were the safe and
carefully chosen by the Israeli Army to avoid
civilian and children casualties
He said: “This terrorist organisation continues to put innocent Palestinians at risk, cowardly hiding behind "them in civilian areas, while launching rockets indiscriminately into Israel. Israel takes great precautions to protect civilians; can Hamas say the same?” He goes on blaming the victims: Are these pictures (HispanTV) of Gaza under Israel brutal strikes, what Mr. Obhrai calls “great precaution to protect civilians?” Is that what he implies, pretending to love the murdered children more than their own parents?
Dead children in Gaza's morgue after shelling from land and sea.
Or, are these the children that the Ministry of External Affaires and Prime Minister S. Harper want “to protect from their terrorist parents”. The NDP Leader of the opposition T. Mulcair, seem to fully agree with the grotesque “commitment to peace and reconciliation” (The Star, Aug 8 page A11) made by Canada’s government. Liberal leader J Trudeau is speechless in this brutal aggression of a military aggression against a sieged people whose land, life and humanity are negated in this massacres. As a paediatrician I can only express frustration and shame. What a shame! Canadians are not playing electoral strategies. Even the UN Secretary General says that “this is not a war but a massacre”, an intent of genocide, indeed.  The UN has demanded a investigation for these crimes against humankind. The Nazi actions such as those en WWII in Lidice come to mind.

José Venturelli, Paediatrician,  Professor Emeritus, McMaster University - Canada

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